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Letter from the Editor of LEME

Hello friends

Five members of LEME staff and myself continue to work on LEME during the COVID-19 epidemic after our lab in the Library closed on March 17. My sincere thanks to Maya Blumenthal, Diana Gil Hamel, and Kristie Lui for joining me as work-study students. Sharine Leung continues in her generous, entirely voluntary role in helping with the release of our Corpus texts.

On January 31, 2020, we began uploading xml-encoded text files in the LEME Corpus to for free distribution online. Our Corpus website is at This offers bibliographical and editorial information about the Corpus, as well several indexes. The easiest way to see what has been yet uploaded is the Chronology index.

On the morning of Friday March 13, LEME had the good fortune of welcoming a small committee of colleagues to a LEME review committee meeting. Several attended remotely (Terttu Nevalainen from Varieng in Helsinki, Paul Schaffner from the University of Michigan, Rachel Shapiro from Barbados), and two came in person (Ray Siemens, from the University of Toronto; and David Williams, from the University of Waterloo). Their advice and encouragement were heart-warming, and we thank each one for taking part at the worst of times. The meeting ended at noon, just before the University of Toronto closed.

I met with Sian Meikle (Director, Information Technology, University of Toronto Libraries) and Antonia Pop (Vice-President, Journals, University of Toronto Press) remotely on June 24 to discuss the recent initiatives of LEME. I was delighted to receive their continuing strong support for our project.

Early Modern corpus linguistics and lexicography lost one of their greatest friends and colleagues in Gabriele Stein, who died on March 6. For Keith Brown's brief notice, see . Professor Stein was a member of the LEME Advisory Board from the beginning. Her example in life and scholarship was inspiring to me as to so many others.

Ian Lancashire / Toronto / 6 July 2020