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Lexicons of Early Modern English (LEME)

Editor (1996-): Ian Lancashire 

Assistant Editor (2018-): Isabelle Zhu
Library Liaison (2006-): Sian Meikle

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Second Version (PHP): Rachel Di Cresce (leader), Dickson Law, Jana Rajakumar, and Monica Ung (2018)
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Grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and from McMaster University's TAPoR Project (Text Analysis Portal for Research) have generously supported the development of LEME. TAPoR (Toronto) was funded by a research infrastructure grant of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT). TAPoR (Toronto) partners included IBM Canada Inc. and Isagn Inc. LEME Advisory Board

Robin C. Alston (1933-2011)†
Richard W. Bailey (1939-2011)† 
Gabriele Stein (Right Honourable Lady Quirk (1942-March 6, 2020)†  

Anne Curzan
Chad Gaffield
Peter Gilliver
Antonette diPaolo Healey
Roderick W. McConchie
Anne McDermott
Terttu Nevalainen
Noel E. Osselton
Carol Percy
Paul Schaffner
David E. Vancil
Paul Werstine LEME Research Assistants

Chrys Bands
Ana Berdinskikh
John Blankenship
Maya Blumenthal
Dr. Geoffrey Booth
Dr. Jason Boyd
Alexandra Brennan
Cheryl Cabellero
Candace Chapple
Janet Damianopoulos
Julia DaSilva
Maria Dumity
Xueqi (Sherry) Fan
Dr. Lydia Fens
Geneva Fong
Brianna Goldberg
Sarah Greene
Anna Guy

Diana Gil Hamel
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Victoria Liao
Kristie Lui
Pen Long
Mary Lisa Marando
Gabriela Mircea
Taylor Najjar
Rosemary Newman
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Clare Orchard
Dr. Katharine Patterson
Siri Paulson
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Leah Stephens
Dr. Jonathan Warren
Tim Alberdingk Thijm
Rachael Tu
Catriona Wright
Ruth Peidi Zhao
Isabelle Zhu
Kristen Zimmer 

Special thanks to 

Alex Cheng, Stephen Hong, Paul Whittam
Dr. John Considine
Cristina Henrique
David Lancashire
Sean Martin
Dr. Rod McConchie
Dr. Brian Merrilees (1938-2013)†
Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell
Dr. Jennifer Roberts-Smith
Dr. Rebecca Shapiro
Dr. Elisa Tersigni
Dr. Russon Wooldridge
Work-Study Program, Toronto Donars of Texts

Rebecca Brackmann 
Internet Archive
Perseus Project 
Raymond Siemens 
Jeffery Triggs and the North American Reading Program for the Oxford English Dictionary Commercial Text Entry

Apex Covantage (Samuel Johnson and Joseph Nicoll Scott)
Chicago Input Center (Levens)
Computer Input Corporation (Florio 1598 and Cowell) format for LEME citations

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Ian Lancashire, Editor. 

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